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Updates for 2019 event

Food, Drink, and Music to Recover and Relax

Saturday, June 29th 2 to 7 p.m. at the main event tent at the Bristol Rec Club, 110 Airport Drive, Bristol, VT

You spoke and we listened.
Bigger tent, again. This time no more fooling around! We tripled the tent size and quadrupled the seating. We are bringing more action to the main tent so everyone can be together to enjoy all the amazing food, drinks and music, all from local Vermonters. We’ll have non-alcoholic beverages too!

The Gran Fondo après ride party will take place adjacent to the start and finish area again this year.  Sit and relax…and cheer on returning riders as they come through the finish line.

Entry into the party is included in your registration fee.  You’ll get four tokens that you can “spend”* however you’d like–four ice creams or two tacos, one pizza, and one drink, for example. If you want more, all the vendors accept cash. There’s no charge for guests to enter the party, they can pay cash for their food and beverages.

During the morning of registration and start…

Nomad Coffee*

A husband & wife and their dream of quality espresso cuisine outside the cafe.
We’re bringing great coffee to the wilds of Vermont. Once upon a time, Nomad was a 1970’s travel trailer. We rescued him from an apple orchard in Ithaca, NY. Nomad arrived in Vermont in the late fall of 2015. Our vision was to retrofit the camper but as we embarked on this mission things became clear, Nomad was to be stripped down to the chassis and custom built from the wheels up. In June we launched a crowdfunding campaign to help us get our startup funds and we were able to raise 1/3 of our total needed funds. Since then we’ve poured all our energy and resources into Nomad and have just opened for business. Come down to the 5 corners and say ‘hello’ and grab a great espresso. We look forward to meeting you!

*Vendor not part of the after party tokens so bring your cash.

The After Party Vendors

Caja Madera Food Track

This cool cabin is traveling through town and serving up sensationally tasty street tacos! Their zesty selection of globally inspired creations includes the tender Jerk Pulled Pork Taco with sweet pineapple salsa, the Banh Mi with tangy kimchi, the sizzling Ground Beef with crispy onions, just to name a few. Next time you are craving fresh and vibrant flavors, come on out to Caja Madera! (from Roaming Hunger)


Returning to the event this year. We taste tested Chepe’s tamales and were sold at first bite.

WoodBelly Pizza

Woodbelly is an employee-owned, farm-to-table catering company specializing in artisan pizza with toppings that change with the seasons and cooked in our mobile, wood-fired ovens. We are focused on bringing incredible food to your event with warmth, thoughtful service, and good cheer. Our standard approach is to provide a casual buffet that allows guests to serve themselves at will from the bounty and gather around the hearth.
Our food philosophy revolves around cooking with wholesome ingredients that nourish the people who grow them, the land they draw from and all those who eat them.
Learn more at –>
WoodBelly – Facebook Page

FarmHouse Chocolates & Ice Cream

It began with an obsession.
Growing up in rural Vermont without electricity, working on his grandfather’s dairy farm after school, Erlé LaBounty was far more concerned with lunchtime than recess. At home, he made clandestine trips to the refrigerator to nibble on whole sticks of butter, his whip-thin frame corroborating his supposed innocence when confronted.

At Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream, we live to make chocolates, ice cream, and sorbet that are simple, but sublime; that bring joy; that are made with the highest quality local and organic ingredients. We’re not in it to get rich, we’re in it for the love of honest to goodness, blow your mind, make your day, lift your spirits confections, made from real food.

Almost Home Market

Welcome to Bristol, Vermont! Beth Marr and staff are committed to continuing the tradition of excellent gourmet convenience foods, fresh deli offerings and exceptional wedding planning and catered celebrations that have been the trademark of Almost Home Market for the past 10 years. Beth’s southern upbringing has created a love of food, festive parties and hospitable service that is unsurpassed. She brings more than 22 years of experience in the wedding planning industry to Almost Home Market. Gary’s background is all things wine and a love of great food, cooking, eating and entertaining that have served him well in his more than 25 years in the hospitality industry. They love what they do and that means you are in excellent hands.

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