Meet The Director

Those of you who have attended the event are likely familiar with my name through the social media activity. For those at the back of the field, you likely saw me taking up the sweeper position, although not quite all the way at the back: I still am a racer at heart.

Who am I really? I started racing on mountain bikes way back in the days of John Tomac and Juliana Furtado, idealizing them and their amazing achievements. I grew up in the Green Mountains and eventually moved to Australia when I was 22. After graduating from photography school I was ready to carve out my own journey. I started working at a bike shop shortly after arriving and quickly found myself fully embedded in the cycling industry.

Over the years I did everything in cycling from racing, retail, wholesale, importing, photographer, instructional MTB camps, event organizing, sales rep, and creative director for a major cycling publisher but, at the core of it all was the people and the camaraderie. I moved back to the US in 2005 with my growing family. I gradually found myself missing the cycling community back in Australia which I was so embedded in. I was observing the Fondo craze growing along side my desire to get back into the scene. I witnessed the shift in cycling events over the years as the move away from the racing scene resulted in 24hr events in the mountainbike scene. Nowadays that same desire, to get back to the fun side of cycling, is feeding the rise of Fondos and gravel events. We all want the same thing…we just want to get out and ride.

Last last year when long time director Sue announced she was leaving for new pastures, I quickly put up my hand to take on the reins. Luckily (I think), I was crazy enough to want it more than anyone else. Now¬† I’m diving in head first with a goal to make the event even better than before so, lets see where this goes from here. The adventure is just beginning…So now that you know a little of where I came from I want you to know where I’m going…or at least where I hope to go.

Todd Warnock

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