King & Queen of the Mountain

The Green Mountain Gap KOM & QOM Challenge will be…Lincoln Gap!

Inspired by the bucket-list LAMB (Lincoln Gap, Appalachian Gap, Middlebury Gap, and Brandon Gap) gap ride we created the toughest mixed surface Fondo in the northeast. After a successful inaugural event, we felt there needed to be something unique to inspire our participants. We discovered the profile of many of our riders suited a challenge. In 2015, we introduced the King & Queen of the Mountain (KOM & QOM) segments.┬áThe real test will come on Lincoln Gap, with a 24% maximum grade and an average grade of 15%, the east side of Lincoln Gap is reported to be the steepest paved mile in the U.S., according to Bicycling Magazine (June 2008). Just recently, GCN included the Lincoln Gap as one of the top 9 steepest climbs in the World! Don’t forget to turn on your Strava. Good luck.

2021 Gap Challenge Winners*:

King – Rich Bounds with a time of 13:16
Prince – Dan Nguyen with a time of 14:53
Duke – Cameron Smith with a time of 16:26

Queen – Sarah Forzley with a time of 18:53
Princess – Erin Tomas with a time of 29:25
Duchess – Alison Averill with a time of 31:42

A sample of our custom trophies.

Lincoln Gap Named in top 9 Steepest Climbs in the World

* times are collected at 3 pm on the day of the event.

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