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Vermont’s Gran Fondo – June 13, 2015


Thank you to everyone who rode in the 2015 Vermont Gran Fondo. 2016 event dates will be announced soon.

The Vermont Gran Fondo is our own version of Vermont’s famed LAMB* ride traversing four gaps with 10,600’ of climbing back and forth across the spine of the Green Mountains. If the climbs don’t take your breath away, the views will. Rush downhill, rest up as you ride through verdant green valleys, pass working farms on your way to the next challenging ascent. Sound daunting? Try one of the shorter, two gap rides—Medio Fondo or the Piccolo Fondo.

Here’s what riders had to say about 2014’s inaugural event:

“Honestly it was perfect. The event was clearly put together by a passionate, committed and caring crew. The after party at the winery was worth the entry fee.”


“It was very well organized, people were very helpful and friendly.”


“Very challenging indeed but very doable just the same. Met some great people at the rest stops as well as on route. The after party was beyond our expectations as the food was great and plentiful.”

*What’s a LAMB? The LAMB is an acronym for the Lincoln, Appalachian, Middlebury and Brandon Gaps. The Lincoln Gap features the steepest (24%) paved mile in the U.S. The Gran Fondo distance/ascent is 103 miles/10,600’. The Medio Fondo distance/ascent is 69 miles/7,300’ (Lincoln & App gaps). The Piccolo Fondo distance/ascent is 46 miles/3,100’ (Brandon & Middlebury gaps).